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Padua Academy Campus Masterplan

Padua Academy
Wilmington, DE
Urban Site / 3.0 acres, 9th through 12th grade

A limited site and a fixed building footprint called for a unique solution for this 650-student all-girls high school. The addition of a new fifth-floor on the roof of the Main Building will allow for growth and program flexibility. The new Science & Technology Level will ring the building perimeter, and a glass-wall corridor will overlook a new urban roof garden. The additional area will allow for a series of localized renovation projects that will address every academic and activity area of the building. An underutilized basement theater will be reworked to provide a flat-floor, multi-purpose space for lecture, seminar and worship functions.

The former convent building, adjacent to the school, is available for future expansion. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the building would be restored and re-purposed for expanded Fine Arts and Administrative functions. Upper levels allow for a residential exchange program. The study also included a comprehensive Facility Condition Assessment, which will be used to plan general upgrades and maintenance in concert with the programmatic renovations.

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