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Library & Guidance Renovations

Padua Academy
Wilmington, DE
11,273 sf

As part of an ongoing series of interior renovations, the school's north side was reorganized to better serve today's students. The existing two-story Library was consolidated into a single-level Learning Commons, while maintaining a light-well over the open reading area. Dedicated free study and instructional areas surround this space. Library shelving was placed along the perimeter to maximize the flexible floor space. This move allowed for the balcony level to be transformed into a Guidance and Career Counseling suite, situated near the main administrative functions. Guidance offices and a large conference room lead from the reception and reference area. The adjacent corridors were renovated with contemporary finishes. While the programs are separated, generous interior windows bring natural light into the building interior, and visually connect circulation and program spaces. A resource room, administrative office and computer graphics classroom complete the project.

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