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Harrington Hall Renovation

University of Delaware
Newark, DE
100,250 sf (Residence Halls) / 35,700 sf (Core Building)

A major element of this project is the re-purposing of the Core Building and Commons to support the needs of the 21st century student. A series of three programming and conceptual design charrettes defined program needs to include a lounge, convenience store, and fitness center, along with residence life support spaces, flexible meeting spaces and project rooms. Updated technology infrastructure is included throughout, and other support spaces include mail areas, laundries, and quiet study rooms. The front of the 1960’s era building has been simplified and re-defined aesthetically with a contemporary expression of glass and curtainwall. Renovations to the dormitories include code upgrades, building envelope improvements and brick repair. Interior renovations include updated interior finishes, with an emphasis on reducing maintenance costs, accessibility upgrades, and full mechanical. plumbing and electrical system modernization.

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