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Claymont Elementary School Renovation

Brandywine School District
Claymont, DE
152,453 sf

This project includes an upgrade to the building exterior, including updated signage, a new roof, site circulation changes, improved building envelope and streamlined parent drop-off. The current underperforming interior of the classroom wings was completely demolished and upgraded with all new classrooms and instructional spaces reconfigured around large flexible work areas. A new cafeteria with adjoining outdoor courtyard and new library, as well as reconfigured administrative and nurses suite, form the central hub of the school. Security improvements include the relocation of the main entrance closer to the auditorium as well as a re-worked building entry sequence to maintain secure access through a single point of entry. Additional work includes the reorganization of spaces to upgrade and improve the Arts and Performing Arts areas, accessibility upgrades, a new teacher training center, new passenger elevator and stair tower, replacement of mechanical systems and the addition of efficient and safe electrical and water systems.

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