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Cab Calloway School of the Arts

Red Clay Consolidated School District
Wilmington, DE
14,400 sf

Complete renovation of existing performing arts space for performances and to allow training of students in technical theater. Upgrades included traditional and state of the art systems to allow students to respond to a variety of performance conditions. Stadium-style seating allows excellent viewing angles from all 925 seats, with additional portable seats and wheelchair accessible seating areas. Additionally, improvements were made to dressing rooms and the scene shop to allow building of larger sets.

Technical details include:

  • Re-designed forestage pit that allows multiple configurations using a multi-level pit-filler for orchestra, chorus, drama and other arrangements.

  • New catwalk designed for easy and flexible access and training of students.

  • Professional quality sound and video systems include state of the art speaker systems, digital mixing console, digital sound processing equipment and technical communications system.

  • Assisted Listening System for hearing impaired, HD projector and screen with additional flat video screens in theater backstage and lobby areas and digital audio and video archival recording capabilities.

  • New portable acoustical concert shell made up of movable towers and "tilt and fly" ceilings.

  • New computer controlled lighting systems including dimming system, comprehensive stage lighting system with incandescent, LED and moving head stage lighting fixtures, and house lighting controls tied to theater lighting.

  • Re-designed proscenium uses wood panels and lighting for a welcoming appearance.

  • Addition of a combination of manual and motorized rigging line-sets for stage lighting and concert shell ceilings, computerized stage rigging control system, full complement stage masking draperies, cyclorama backdrop and code complaint fire safety curtain system.

  • Finishes and wall details are designed to meet acoustical requirements. Ventilation systems are also designed to maintain good acoustics, especially during performances.

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