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Assumption Hall

Sisters of St. Joseph
Chestnut Hill, PA
8,000 sf

This renovation of a large Strawbridge mansion in Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania improves the living condition for the Sisters of St. Joseph. Tiny bedrooms were restored to their original size with improved closets, and laundry facilities were moved up to the bedroom floors, out of the basement. The sisters enjoy the renovated community room, redecorated chapel and restored dining room with more privacy and convenience. The new residential style kitchen allows several people to work simultaneously, replacing a larger, old commercial kitchen. Other renovated spaces include an exercise room and an art studio for a sister who is a painter. Energy conservation was addressed through new double insulated windows in the community rooms and complete renovation of the HVAC system, including an energy sharing heat pump system for the second and third floor rooms. Renovations were done in phases to accommodate continuous occupancy throughout the life of the project.

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