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Delaware Technical Community College Campus Masterplan

Delaware Technical Community College
Stanton, DE
Suburban Site / 96.2 acres, Higher Education

In order to realize the full potential of the Stanton Campus, Delaware Technical and Community College sought to define a campus master plan, which would help guide decisions of future administrations. Early on in the process, consensus goals were set, including the creation of a campus environment, introduction of community uses, and building upon the existing site features and infrastructure. A total of five plans were developed before the final master plan was selected and refined.

As a suburban community college, parking and site circulation are paramount, however, the final master plan divided the site into parking and academic zones in order to create a campus environment and take advantage of the natural beauty of the site. Significant wetlands, streams, and mature forests limited the development footprint of the site, but allowed for the introduction of walking trails and pavilions for community use. Athletic fields were relocated to the back of the site to free up building sites for the future expansion of the campus. The college is currently awaiting funding for the next phase of the master plan, the Health Sciences building.

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